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Fearless - a state of mind?

Hey, I'm back from vacation and getting things ready to start the new week off right. Which means lots of laundry, cleaning, and unpacking.

But one of the things I thought about a lot while I was walking on the beach last week was what it would be like to be fearless.

I don't mean rash, or stupid, but to face things head on, without over thinking them (as I'm prone to do). Taking the second step when you know what you need to do. And the third...

A little girl was body board surfing in the waves. Her father couldn't keep up with her as she fought her way to the larger waves that would bring her back to shore. Over and over she went into the ocean. Fearless.

I want to be that girl. Someone who doesn't imagine where each step will take me and then make a decision based on maybes.

I'm going to throw myself into what I want to do and let it happen.

Because of this decision, I saw dolphins for the first time in my life Friday. It made me happy. I like happy.

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