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First item checked off for 2018

I've spent the week writing romance as my other author name. The book I just finished and sent to my editor was one I started in early 2017. I'm really glad to get it off my to do list and out in the world.

But I'd forgotten how emotional romance is to write. I cried on Saturday when I wrote the black moment where there was no way the couple could be together. Then as they solved their issues in the last chapter, I cried again.

Now that I've read through the story, I'm really proud of it. Stories are like that. You finish one, then go on to the next. It's more like crafting a quilt than sitting on a production line, but it's still work.

This week it's back to the third Farm-to-Fork book. Angie is trying to keep her dishwasher out of jail and figuring out why her boyfriend took an impromptu trip out of the country.

And I'm taking a copywriting class this month. I'll be busy. With the weather being too cold to do much outside, it's a good time to get things done inside.

What are you working on this week?

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