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2018 Goals/resolutions/projects

I had my accountability partner call this week and we went over our goals. I never feel like they're quite complete until after that talk, so here goes, in no specific order.

#1 Finish my 2018 contracts. This one has been already on my radar as I'm on book deadline, have a set of developmental edits due this month, a set of copy edits due next week, and some marketing posts due to my publisher this month.

#2 Learn more about Marketing. I've signed up for a copywriting class that started this week. I'm also part of a marketing masterminds group that I always find something interesting in when I leave the meeting.

#3 Get healthy - lose weight, workout more, eat better. And I promptly got sick. Hoping I'm over the worst of it.

#4 Focus more on the Self Published books. Of course, that means I have to have the work done for the first resolution.

#5 Get my financial house in order. I like this goal because it doesn't just talk about paying off credit cards. I want to look at the whole of my financial house.

There are a few more that I'm not going to share, but this is the major ones.

What about you? What are your goals?


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