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I signed up for Murder and Mayhem in Chicago with the understanding if I didn't get on a panel, I wouldn't go. Well, I didn't get on a panel, but the planners were sneaky. :) They added on another workshop for the weekend with Jeffrey Deaver. So off to Chicago I went...

It was St. Patrick's Day weekend, which in Chicago is huge. I never have seen so many people in green in my life. I was at the conference when the parade occured, but I got my share of people watching during our lunch break.

Being an author is like having homework every night, but you don't usually get to attend any classes during the day. This weekend, I did. I really enjoyed the discussions from MMC and yesterday, listening to Mr. Deaver outline his process, it made me rethink my own.

Learning, growing, experiencing new things, this is all part of the author life.

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