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Breakfast - Essential or not?

I might have mentioned that I was on a diet/lifestyle change. Well, I fell off a few weeks back but the stuff I learned while I was changing my food choices, has stuck with me.

One of the things that I was challenged on was Intermittent Fasting. From what I gleaned from my studies, this practice has you fasting from dinner through the morning. 13-18 hours of no food.

Which I agree with to a point. Shutting the kitchen down after dinner is a tried and true method of controlling your food intake.

13 hours is for me, from 8pm to 9am. Which isn't hard at all. Except for those bit and pieces I grazed on while getting ready for work. Others take it to 18 hours which would set you up for eating lunch and dinner.

I had a doctor once who told me to drink coffee for breakfast and lunch and eat a small dinner to lose weight. He also called me 'baby' during our first and only appointment so I discounted all of his advice, but maybe he wasn't wrong on holding off on breakfast.

As soon I get past a few upcoming sticking points in my life, I'm returning to a low carb, low sugar, intermittent fasting life choice. First, I have to get the ice cream out of the house.

So what about you? Are you a breakfast eater? Have you changed your eating habits over the years?

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