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Binge watching, anyone?

There's just something about sitting (vegging) in front of the television and watching shows off the DVR. Sometimes I even let them build up so I can have a few hours of entertainment. NCIS is my current favorite.

This method of watching (and collecting) shows is so different than when I grew up and if you missed a show, you had to depend on someone else watching and telling you what you missed. My mom was that person for Dark Shadows. She'd turn on the television and then wait for me to get home (I rode the bus.)

If it was on the show when I arrived, I'd plop down in front of the television and watch until commercial. Then I'd turn and ask what I'd missed. My mom was a pretty good story teller. I guess that's where I got my love of story.

My love of Dark Shadows continues. My alter writing ego, Lynn Collins, claims to be a daughter of Barnabas. Not everyone gets the reference, but I feel an immediate kinship to those who do.

What's your favorite binge worthy television show?

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