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A few years ago at the RWA Literacy signing, I sat next to Catherine Bybee and next to her, Mary Burton. We chatted briefly that year. The next year, Catherine wasn't signing or was at a side table with the bigger authors. So I got to talk to Mary Burton. There are over 500 authors at this signing so you don't sell a lot of books, but it's a great place to network and chat.

Mary was very gracious with her knowledge for a new to the mystery genre author (me). And we kept in touch. Last year, she reached out to see if I would be interested in being an anchor author for the anthology SINC-VA was putting together.

I couldn't say yes fast enough.

So that's where Cayce comes in. Esmeralda (from the Tourist Trap) lived with this 'family' of fortune tellers and con artists that ruled New Orleans. Cayce is from the original family. Her father took Esmeralda in as a child and taught her to use her gift. Cayce has always rejected her own powers, building instead, a reputation for appraising and buying antiques. Now, she's come home to NOLA and has bought an antique shop on Royal Street.

Her powers are apparently rusty since she didn't expect to find the former owner dead in his office.

Read CAYCE'S TREASURES and more stories in DEADLY SOUTHERN CHARM, releasing Tuesday, April 16th.

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