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A Goal Book

Driving up to Milwaukee last month, I stopped at Cracker Barrel for food and to get out of the car for a bit.

(The picture is not of my local CB, but maybe an imagined one? LOL)

The best thing about Cracker Barrel? Their gift shop. I wandered through, looking for something I had to have. (Besides the chocolate I found early in my search.)

Well, I found it. A leather covered journal with birds and a dresden type design on the front. All blue and antique white, except for the sweet bird.

Now, I'm a journal freak. I have a lot of them. So I figured this one would stay on my desk until I gave it away. But no, I found a use for it.

A goal book.

Written down goals are like 100x more likely to become real. (Don't try to find my stats, they're from memory and probably exaggerated, but still real.)

I've been reading my annual goals 1-4 times a week and adding steps into my daily goal list when needed. But this gives me a place to put my dreams and goals. The woo woo ones that I can't put into numbers but know they are there. Like getting a really good deal offer on a book. Or getting a pre-empt from an auction of a book.

Jim Carey at the beginning of his career wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for acting services rendered. He dated the check five years from that day and looked at it daily. When that time came, he was making that kind of money.

Focus plus Intensity over Time = Success.

What are you aiming for today?

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