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Home Sunday

I do a home Sunday post on my FB author page weekly. Mostly talking about how I spend my time on my few free weekends. Talking about food I want to cook. Talking about the pups. Talking about home.

Having a home of my own is important to me. I have some issues around safety that like all good solid issues, came from incidents in my childhood. Not blaming here, but I like a good solid house with doors I can lock.

Home is also a place where I can keep my stuff. I have a lot of it. For a lot of years, the stuff was my comfort. My good memories. Then I realized I had too much of the stuff. So now I'm going through it and releasing it from my life.

This weekend's project was my closet. I needed to get my boots off the floor where the pups could find it and make my decision to get rid of something easier by chewing it up.

I packed up some cups from the kitchen. Then I headed upstairs to the closet. I got rid of several shirts/pants but my husband is even better at this. He culled out half his closet. Without worrying about what he paid for an item. I'm not there yet.

Are you a little bit of a hoarder, like me? Or do you see things as just things?

Inquiring minds....

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