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New York state of mind...

As a teenager, I talked my mom into sending me on a history tour. NYC, DC, Colonial Williamsburg, and Philadelphia were all on the list of stops. I fell in love with NYC, thought I fell in love with a boy from Driggs, Idaho, and had my heart broke for the first time before I arrived back home from the trip.

I never saw Derek again, but I've been back to NYC several times now. This last week, I tripped down memory lane a few times. I visited St. Patrick's cathedral again. I ate lunch in 30 Rockefeller Place and watched the skaters. And I finally visited the Central Park zoo and met the sea lions.

Walking by the library, I thought the use of landmarks in story. Like the library and Ghostbusters. With the reality of the traffic, I'm not sure the team could have gotten where they needed to be before the ghosts took over Manhattan.

I thought I'd want to live in the city once upon a time, but I realize I'm more settled in a smaller town. Where I can take the dogs out for a walk on the levee and only meet up with five other walkers/bikers. Living in NYC was a dream that would have turned into a nightmare for me. But it's lovely to visit.

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