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A busy release summer

Movies are being held up so there aren't any summer blockbusters this year. But my book release schedule is crazy this summer.

We just released MURDER IN WAITING - Tourist Trap #11 at the first of the month. Thanks everyone for a strong release week.

Next Tuesday (July 14th), I release (under Lynn Collins) the fifth book in my Shawnee Valley Romance (Bull Rider) series - THE BULL RIDER'S MOTHER. The mistakes we make in the past sometimes come back to haunt us despite our best intentions. Just ask Selena Sullivan. (If you like strong family connections and cowboys, this is your series. And

it's g rated on the romance. :) )

August 4th - Angie and the County Seat crew from the Farm to Fork series are back for a novella length story about the company team building Matt set up. And believe me, Hope's not happy with his choice. PENNED IN is a fun Halloween themed book with a touch of Idaho history mixed in. And a lot of Dom in the mix.

The new series - The Kitchen Witch - debuts with a novella on August 25th - Chili Cauldron Curse. It's your introduction to Mia Malone and her grandmother, Mary Alice Carpenter. And the town of Magic Springs where the magical and non-magical live in harmony. Well, mostly because the non-magical town folk just don't believe.

Like I said, a busy summer. I hope you try out one or more of the releases. There's something in there for almost every reader.

Stay safe,



Love your Tourist Trap books. Getting ready to read Murder In Waiting.


I won a copy of Chili Cauldron Curse form Goodreads and read it yesterday and its SO fantastic! I just loved it so much!!! Looking forward to the other new releases soon! Thank you for all your books you write, its such a great escape!


Wish my library would purchase your wonderful books! They said your publisher isn't on their list..I keep trying tho!!!

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