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Lessons learned from DCC

Okay, so I'm admitting I'm a DCC fan girl. I love the Making the Team show on CMT. DCC is Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I was never a cheerleader. I never took dance classes (unless you count Country Heat workouts.) I was part of the first ever flag corp at Kuna High School. Flags, not rifles.

So why do I love watching 300-500 young women show off their dance techniques and try to make it to a grueling training camp where they are judged on their dance, appearance, manners, and ability to play nice with others?

I like the competitive nature of the show. I root for the nice dancers and groan when the mean girls get past the Kelly and Judy judging. This year, with the pandemic, they are doing the show and the tryouts a little differently. So I started writing down words that Kelly and Judy use to praise and critique this year's hopefuls.

Power. Bold. Big. Strong. Standout. Arena dancer.

Not prepared. Hesitant. Unsure. Maybe. Not finishing. Stage dancer.

As I looked at the descriptors, I realized a lot of them could be used for life. Especially an author's life. Or an author's project. Did I come out of the gate strong? Did my concept and plot standout? Was it a bold choice? Did the writing convey power?

Or was I unprepared as a writer? Were my descriptions hesitant, unsure? Was I trying to please everyone? Was I writing in the right genre for my skills?

When the music comes on, that's when you need to start performing. Fake it until you make it. Don't ever let the worry show.

Good advice for everyone during these unsettled times, not just dancers or writers.


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