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Murder in Waiting is arriving at the end of the month

June 30th - book #11 will release in the Tourist Trap series.

Wow. Looking at the ride I've had with Tourist Trap, I'm extremely grateful for all the love, support, and lessons the series has taught me. I wrote the first Tourist Trap in 2012 - then started shopping ALL THAT GLITTERS (now GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER) that year. I put aside the second in the series when I couldn't get an agent. And in early 2013, I sent it out directly to two publishers. One quickly said thanks but no thanks. The other was a new editor looking to build her list.

That new editor was with Kensington and she took a chance on me. The next year, I became the first e-Kensington digital first author to hit the NYT list for them. It was a crazy 2014. I was deep in imposter syndrome, but still working my butt off writing more books. We did a fast release for the first three books, then slowed the pace a little (2 books a year instead of 3) for the next few contracts. I was unagented, but I had a publisher who was fun to work with and I could trust.

2012 was the year of the romance for Lynn Cahoon - now Lynn Collins. I loved my Bull Rider series and had released with three different digital publishers. (Crimson Romance who became part of S/S before they were shut down. Lyrical Press who was bought out by Kensington. And Soul Mate Publishing.) My romance career didn't take off, but I learned a lot from these books and experiences and have turned the romantic side of me into a self publishing pen name.

I got a contract for a mass market (print first) series (Cat Latimer) in 2015. And when I started getting film interest in the books (Hallmark calling through movie production companies), I finally landed an agent. We still haven't sold to Hollywood, but she sold my next series to Kensington (Farm to Fork). And she's been amazing in working with me in developing more options as my career expands.

So that is the short version of how I wound up with book 11 releasing at the end of the month. Books 13-15 were just contracted this week, so Jill and Greg and the rest of the gang will continue to solve murders in South Cove for many years.

Which makes me happy.



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