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Spring arrives, news at seven.

I often go walking, through meadows of clover...

I learned this song long ago for a Mother's Day program at school. I must have been third or fourth grade because we were back in Kuna where I finished my schooling. But every spring, the song comes to me as I walk through the neighborhood or the parks, looking for flowers and signs of beauty.

My mother attended this program, but I learned it was hard on her. She became more and more phobic about leaving the house and driving. There were reasons, of course, there always are, but she never shared them with me. She's been gone now many years and I still think of her as I sing this song in my head. And sometimes, aloud.

My favorite spring flower is the lilac. I've only been able to get lilacs to grow and bloom at my house once, and of course, my ex sold that house and moved us to another one. I think somewhere, I gave up on trying. But I think when we move to the next house, my first landscaping chore will be to plant several lilac bushes and hope for the best. And peonys. I love the big blooms.

What's your favorite flower?


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