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Summer plans in a year of no planning?

I used to say summer began when school let out. It was my start date as a kid, during college, and then as a mother. Now that my kids are fur babies and don't attend school, my summer start focuses on the weather or the calendar.

The last two years we've had very little spring here in St. Louis. A few nice days, then the weather turned hot or it rained up until summer started and the weather turned hot. :) This year was no exception. We bought deck furniture a few months ago, hoping for some nice afternoons and evenings on the redesigned deck, but as soon as the furniture got put together, the rain started.

Now it's June 3rd and I'm officially calling it summer. At least at our house. Which means I need ice cream and watermelon. The grill is already set up and our deck furniture needs the tree gunk wiped off and we're ready to go. As long as the rain stops.

The cabin has a new deck and before the fourth, will have a roof over the deck to protect us from the rain.

What's your favorite part of summer?

BTW - Murder in Waiting arrives June 30th. This is book 11 of the Tourist Trap series. Thank you all for keeping the series alive and my publisher happy. :)


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