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The to do list...

It never stop.

It's never done.

I have accepted these facts and yet, I'm surprised when I find something that should have been on my radar to do, that I didn't put on my master to do list, or I let it fall off the list without completing the task.

I found one such thing today. I'd put out four books last year under my pen name, Lynn Collins, and yet, I didn't have my webmistress set up book pages for the books. I remember telling her I'd be back to give her the other information for the two books, but I didn't write it down. And, it didn't get done.

I'm good with systems. And I'm trying to set up systems for my book business. For new releases especially. One more thing to add to the list.

I did have a fail safe. I have a monthly task to check my web pages. But I didn't look at the details of the Collins page close enough. Until this month.

Looking for a sweet cowboy Idaho set romance series? Check out the Shawnee Valley Series. Or do it after my web designer gets the pages up. (Available exclusively at Amazon.)


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