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Finishing Christmas...

Actually, it's Santa Puppy, and it's a Tourist Trap novella.

Writing these short novellas has been really fun and challenging since they take place in the past (at least for South Cove folks.) Aunt Jackie was just breaking up with Josh that summer. Toby was trying to learn monogamy and failing. And a fan favorite, Sasha was still on staff at Coffee, Books, and More.

The first novella, ROCKETS' DEAD GLARE, starts at 4th of July. The second, A DEADLY BREW, covers Halloween in South Cove. And the third, the one I just finished, is a Christmas story.

Look for ROCKETS DEAD GLARE to release June 6th of this year and the others soon to follow. I'm hoping the novellas will give you your Tourist Trap hit while I'm writing the next book. Which is on my list to start tomorrow.

Happy holidays and now I can put my Christmas decorations away and stop singing carols. At least I hope.


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