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Summer days...

Oh, those summer days…

Kid Rock has a song called All Summer Long that reminds me of my first summer out on my own. It was after my first year of college and I hadn’t met my first husband yet. The guy I was dating and I went down to the river to meet friends and talk. There may have been a few alcoholic beverages involved and an illegal campfire.

It was a glorious day and one that has stuck in my memory.

It wasn’t because the guy was so wonderful, we broke up soon after this day. I can remember his last name, but have no idea on his first name. Or what we were doing so memorable. It was the simple act of getting a group together, talking and laughing. The day was hot and clear with a blue sky so deep, I swear you only see it in Idaho. The Boise River hummed nearby and a few of us took advantage of the hot summer day to cool off in its icy waters. The river gets its water from the surrounding mountain run off so it’s never warm, not even in August.

These are the memories of growing up in a small town that I love to write about in my books. I’m a romance and mystery author, so there may or may not be a dead body in the story, but there will always be a sense of community. A small town feel.

Fun, laughter, and love. What more can you ask for from a Summer of Love. I wish you one perfect day for your memory chests.


PS - ROCKETS' DEAD GLARE is releasing on Tuesday, June 5th. This Tourist Trap novella is set just after IF THE SHOE KILLS and has some of my favorite untold South Cove stories.

You can order at my website or where ever quality digital books are sold. :)

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