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New Year's Resolutions

I did a week's worth of resolution planning on my Facebook page LynnCahoonAuthor this year. But you know me, I love my planning posts.

I'm a little behind on my goals as we lost a family member last week. He was attacked in his own yard and after a week of trying, we realized he wasn't strong enough to fight back. #HomerLove #wreaked.

But I'm still trying to hit my goals. First up? Finish Cat Latimer #6 and get it off my computer screen and on to my editors. That's always such a good feeling. I came into this book really, really late, and life kept putting up roadblocks to get it done.

Which is why you should always add in margins in your planning time. #talesfromthe edge

Anyway, here's January's goals -

Finish Cat #6

Write mystery essay

Write first chapter of secret project

Barbara Vey cruise

Start new Council novella

Edit Bull Rider's Brother for release

Work out 5x a week

Add 4-5 fruits/veggies in meal daily

Meal plan

What are you getting done this month?

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