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Release week - A Very Mummy Holiday

Non-traditional holidays - it's kind of my thing. I've spent several Thanksgivings on the road or with friends rather than family. Of course, my mom and my MIL wasn't too happy about our decisions, but we made it up the next year.

A Very Mummy Holiday is Jill's turn at a non-traditional Thanksgiving. Of course, dinner is all about family and friends with Aunt Jackie and Harrold showing up (set prior to Killer Party) and a bunch of the South Cove crew.

And it mirrors my Thanksgiving in the sand in Oklahoma a few years ago. We didn't have an amazing cabin like the South Cove crew did, but we figured it out. And the emotions and thankfulness of the day was just the same.

Pick up A Very Mummy Holiday at any fine e-book retailer. And get ready for Memories and Murder - Book 10 of the Tourist Trap series. You've got some surprises coming.


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