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Have a Deadly New Year

I used to be a member of a blog called Killer Characters. The blog dissolved and I got back the posts I wrote in the character's viewpoint. I thought with the release of A FATAL FAMILY FEAST, you might enjoy some thoughts from Angie.


By Angie Turner of Have a Deadly New Year (Farm to Fork Mystery series) by Lynn Cahoon

Hey guy's, it's Angie. I'm the co-owner and chef of The County Seat in River Vista Idaho. This holiday season is crazy busy. The good news for a restaurant is people like to eat special meals at special places. The bad news? It's a lot of work.

Felicia was in charge of decorating the dining room and it's beautiful. Red ribbons, green holly, and white lights sparkle around the room. I love just turning off the main lights after we get done with a shift and just sitting watching the room sparkle with magic while I drink a cup of cinnamon spiced hot cocoa before driving home.

We even have an outdoor tree although it's more minimalist since we'll have snow here in Idaho soon. It may not stay the first few times, but when it does, it will be here until spring. I have to say, I love the holidays.

Especially New Years. I'm big on resolutions. Goal setting, looking ahead, planning the restaurant's growth as well as my own. This year I'm trying something new. A gratitude journal. My plan is to write in it first thing in the morning, before the day gets away from me. A note about the way the barn looks in snow. Something crazy Precious, my not so baby goat, did. How smart Dom, my St. Bernard is. Maybe even some of the challenges.

I'm even thinking I can put what I'm reading in the journal. As long as I don't treat it like my high school journals, filled with teenage angst and notes about one particular cute guy - Yes, I'm talking about you, Ken Forrey.

The kitchen crew, Felicia and I are all heading to Sun Valley for new years. It's our first out of town retreat but we have a catering job to do for one dinner. Then we're on our own for a few days. I know Matt and Hope are going to want to do some skiing or snowboarding while were there. I'm just hoping for some quiet time by the fire with the book I'm bringing. Just in case.

Have a happy holiday season. And if you start a gratitude journal, shoot me a line. I'd love to hear how yours is going.


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