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Relaxing before the storm

Last week we went off the radar. My husband, the Cowboy, and I took the dogs and headed down to Oklahoma to Little Sahara. The place is basically an ATV or UTV driver's heaven. We played in the sand, walked, talked, and just relaxed. It was heaven. This week, I have a release for OF MURDER AND MEN and a book to finish. I had a stress dream last night. So I know it's time to get some things off my plate. What do you do to keep all the wheels moving?

Mixing life and work

As a woman, I thought I knew what my role in the world was. I took care of my house, my family, and my career. In my prior marriage, I was the primary bread winner and chief bottle washer. Now, I'm still working my butt off (wouldn't that be awesome if it really worked?) but I've got help. Which makes the world better. It's hard thinking everything rests on your shoulders, whether you are male or female. In OF MURDER AND MEN, Shauna's trying to learn the correct balance as she's in a relationship with a local developer. How she deals with the stresses of trying to make everyone happy is part of the fun. How do you manage to balance your life? Lynn

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