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Summer time and it's HOT.

First, a message from our sponsor. (That would be me...) Guess who's going to be at the 2017 Barbara Vey Readers Appreciation Weekend? Yep, this girl. Stay tuned for more info, but tickets go on sale July 30th, 12:01 CST and sell out fast.

Back to talking about summer.

No, this post isn't about the type of books I write. It's about the heat. We've had heat advisories for over a week. It's cooler now, but the clouds overhead look a little scary.

For a girl from Idaho where it typically didn't get hot until August, living here in my historic river town has been an adjustment. If I'm going to walk (outside), it has to be early in the morning. The good thing is I'm a planner. Who could say no to Homer?

When it's going to rain, my joints hurts. Or worse, I get a migraine. Yep, just call me a weather girl.

The good thing about summer? Fall is on its way with its cooler temps, lovely days, and cute sweaters. For now, it's flip flops, tank tops, and shorts for this girl. Or a dress if I have to look presentable.

Sound off - What's your favorite season?

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