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Reporting back from NOLA

I've been back from Bouchercon and Nola for exactly a week. And since then, I've been busy working on a new Tourist Trap mystery for release next summer. But I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments from my second Bouchercon.

First night, my BFF Laura Bradford and I window shopped our way to The Court of the Two Sisters where we were having dinner. Apparently I wanted a closer look at the slate sidewalks because I face planted as I was stepping up from the street. Not my best moment, but with the kindness of strangers (two pretty hot guys) I was back on my feet and only a little shaken.

When we got to the restaurant, the challenges in getting there was totally worth it.

The next day was all about my publisher. I had a meeting with the wicked smart Alexandra Nicolajsen, Associate Director of Social Media and Digital Sales for Kensington. Or at least that was her title on the last business card I got. We ate at Criollo, the restaurant in the Hotel Monteleone. Fried green tomatoes and a Mimosa were mandatory. Later Kensington hosted a librarian tea and an author party later in the evening. Love talking to readers and authors about the world of books.

Friday was another breakfast with new Lyrical authors. And after that was done, Laura and I hopped a trolley for the Garden District. Commander's Palace was on our schedule for lunch. Service, food, atmosphere, all amazing. And as we left, they walked us through the kitchen. Holy smokes batman, I thought I'd died and gone to Top Chef heaven.

Later I had my panel...which of course was all about the food.

So was that it? NO! I had to run from my book signing after the panel to drop off my bags in the room and get downstairs and get my new blue parasol for the Second Line parade down to the Orpheum Theater for an interview with David Morrell (Rambo) with Lee Childs (Jack Reacher) asking the questions. Even my husband was impressed when I told him.

Saturday was our jaunt to Jackson Square and Cafe Dumont. The coffee was so hot, it burned my mouth.

The rest of the day was filled with appointments and meetings and Laura's panel. But we took the evening to visit The Court of Two Sisters again. And like usual, New Orleans made it seem like we'd never been on that street before. Except we had. Two days before. It's weird that it can feel that way. This is my second visit and I could have sworn Jackson Square was farther away from our hotel than it really was.

The House of Blues hosted us in the Voodoo Garden for a party that night. Rubbing shoulders with such mystery gods as Lee Child, Harlan Coben, Heather Graham, made me giddy.

The next morning, I wrote in the room until it was time to fly my way back home. NOLA, you did

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