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Finishing up a book

So I just sent off book 9 of the Tourist Trap Mysteries to my editor. I like saying "I'm done" but I know I really am not. I still have three/four rounds of edits but it's time for someone else to look at the story and see if it makes sense.

Now, I have to start a new book. First, it's time to clean house, clean my desk, and get some food in the house. Yep, when I'm on deadline, the cupboards get a little bare. And our take out/delivery bill gets a little high. But it's all for a good cause.

Yesterday, I spent the day with a bunch of aspiring writers celebrating Indie Author Day at the Carbondale Public Library. I loved talking to other authors about how I got started, the industry, and what they can do to be successful. The library also showed a nationally aired discussion on the life of an indie author. They had a library rep, an author, and several people from the self pub industry. It was interesting to listen to the questions and the answers. But mostly, it came down to one thing.

It's all about a good book. Work on your craft, do some marketing, and hope for good luck. Because that's all that is in your control.

Speaking of work, I need to get cleaning.

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