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Does what you do define who you are?

Sometimes we’re stuck in the roles we play, child, wife, mother, employee, church member, reader, writer . . .

The words that describe the roles in your life allow others to categorize the world around us. We expect certain things from the baby of the family versus the first born, and in most cases, those kids grow up to meet our expectations.

But what if the baby wanted to break out of the wild, reckless life he’d been living. The life he’d been expected to live? Break out to find the career and vocation that spoke to his soul. Would we be able to see him as anything but a screw up or playboy, or even bull rider?

Jesse Sullivan is facing that exact challenge in The Bull Rider’s Keeper, the final chapter in the Bull Rider series that started with The Bull Rider’s Brother. Jesse’s been a big part of the stories that surrounded four friends from Shawnee, even when it wasn’t his story to tell. Now it’s his turn to find the one place in the world that he feels at home instead of wandering from rodeo to rodeo, camping out on his brother’s sofa at the Boise ranch house in between gigs.

Taylor DeMarco is exactly the opposite of Jesse. As the much loved, only child of a well to do Boise family, she’s known her role well since she was able to walk. She would be run Main Street Gallery, an art institution in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. At a certain age, she would marry (probably a doctor or a lawyer), have two children, a girl and a boy, and live in a restored historic house either on Warm Springs or Harrison streets. The exact right neighborhood for her exact right life.

You can guess that neither Jesse or Taylor are prepared for what fate has in store for them.

Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and changed your life? Re-invented yourself and your roles?

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