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Enjoying Summer, one day at a time

When I was married before, my life was different. I worked, cleaned my house, raised my child, grew a garden, cross stitched, crocheted -- basically I kept busy. I always thought one day when this thing happened, I'd be happy.

But I figured out, life doesn't happen that way. You can't wait for happiness. You have to build it, one day, and one memory at at time.

This weekend The Cowboy and I went to Cincinnati. It's our third trip and this time, we stayed downtown across from Fountain Square. The first time we stayed at a cheap motel a little over a mile from the ballpark. The walk was brutal. But now, a few years later, we can laugh about it. Because we survived.

The statue at Fountain Square became a bit part of the second book in The Council series, and Prudence is probably one of my favorite characters. Seeing the fountain again made me itch to get back to the fourth book in this modern day witch out of water series. (Just as soon as I finish the Farm to Fork story that's due in a few months, plus a few other commitments.)

We had a lovely dinner and people-watched our evening away after the ball game.

Thanks Cincinnati for a lovely weekend.

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