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They let me back in...

I went to Canada last week. It was my first time out of the country. Customs is all very electronic now. A machine reads your passport, takes your picture and asks you a bunch of questions. Then a border guard looks at the information and asks why you are visiting.

"I'm attending a mystery conference."

She looked at me, surprise in her eyes. "I've seen a lot of you this morning."

I guess I didn't look like a mystery author type. But by the time I got to the hotel where the convention was being held, I knew I was with my tribe. Five days of talking about books, plots, contracts, deadlines, characters-- it was a total immersion in the writing world.

When I came back to the United States, I was still on Canadian soil, but the work had been done. Again, a machine took my information and spit out a receipt with my picture. The US border guard welcomed me back to the states and I went to my gate to wait for my flight to Minneapolis.

I was expecting more fanfare. More mystery. More potential crimes occurring next to me. Of course, I am a mystery author. I just wear my normal person disguise well.


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