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Amazon top 50 - Who Moved my Goat Cheese

It's pretty cool to release a book. To take a general idea out of the air, make up a story around it, and then have the finished product in your hand.

It's even cooler when readers enjoy the story.

Thanks for reading and enjoying WHO MOVED MY GOAT CHEESE.

If you haven't taken a chance on this Idaho set culinary mystery, maybe reading these reviews from some happy customers will help.

“Fans of the cozy mystery genre will definitely find this to be a delicious new series” Stephanie Jones

“Warning, reading this book will make you hungry!!!!!” Deborah Almada

“Bestselling cozy author Lynn Cahoon has served up another winning mystery with Who Moved My Goat Cheese?” Jill Nicely

“A tasty adventure and a fun thriller that will keep you up late wanting for more.” JCB

“…a richly rewarding slice of Idaho small town life with a crisp murder mystery, humor, food and romance.” Lynie

Enjoy and I'll chat at you next week.


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