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What cha reading?

On my author Facebook page, we do a roundup of all the books we've been reading over the last week. I'm always amazed at how many readers pause and comment on other posts. It's like going to the bookstore with a bunch of friends.

"Hey, I've read this book and it's great." Friend #1 picks up IT'S RAINING CATS AND DOGS, A MEMOIR OF A HUMANE SOCIETY MANAGER

"Really? I've thought about it but I was concerned that it didn't have enough puppies in the plot." Friend number two touches the cover which has two cats and a puppy.

"More than enough puppies..." The first friend assures her.

And with that one conversation, a book is hand sold from one reader to the next. And isn't that the best way to find out about a new author in your favorite genre?

I helped a friend pick out some beach reads for her upcoming trip. The first question I asked was what do you like to read? I could have sent her with all my cozy mysteries, but since she loves paranormal romance (witchcraft specific) and she's already read my The Council series, she would have been disappointed.

Instead I grabbed a book I'd read, then looked at the also boughts on the digital bookstore we were in. She took the suggestions and went to wander through the local bookstore to find her stash.

One book at a time. One reader at a time. When was the last time you suggested a book you loved?

And, if you're not following me on Facebook, stop by some Friday and tell me what cha reading.


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