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Slowing down

I hear it's a philosophy. Slowing down to get more done. Stop and smell the roses.

The universe is talking to me and it's demanding that I slow down. It's not in my DNA. But I'm trying.

So this weekend we spend some time with the new trailer at the Lake of the Ozarks. We had to pull over off the freeway because of torrential rains that tried to stop us. Or maybe we just got stuck in a rainstorm.

When we got to the RV site, the road to our reserved site had been washed out. So we were re-assigned a spot. Then our hot water heater wouldn't work. The next morning, we were without power due to storms during the night.

We almost gave up and came home. But we persevered. We got out the generator. Having electricity allowed us to make coffee which always makes the morning brighter. Then we watched some YouTube videos about RV hot water heaters. The solution was easier than expected. The heater had been unplugged at the tank.

After that, we relaxed and just enjoyed relaxing in the outdoors. I got a lot of reading done. It was glorious.

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