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Cruise musing

Okay, so after I freaked out for months about this cruise stuff, I had a great time. Not enough sunning, swimming, or reading, but a lot of fun.

One thing I was disappointed in was the food. Okay, in the dining room, but not amazing. However, I found a place where I could get vanilla soft serve at any time, so it made me happy.

Haiti was beautiful, especially the trip to the private beach. Found some amazing shells. Swam in the Caribbean Sea. Visited a Haitian village for tourists. Loved looking out the window that morning and seeing mountains.

Jamaica was pretty. I think if I go back, I'm booking a resort to be able to enjoy the ocean and relax. Touristy hip strip had a lot of pushy sales people. Margaritaville had great food and their own swimming area.

Cruising itself was fun. After I got used to the movement of the ship. Would I do it again? Definitely.

Do you have cruise stories?

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