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Writing Letters to Santa

When did you stop writing Christmas letters to Santa? Eight? Twelve? Fifteen? Or do you still write the Jolly Old Elf a letter every year?

I'm writing him a letter this year. Not because I need a new toy or a new kitchen appliance, but instead, I need to put my wants and dreams out into the universe.

And there's no one better with dreams than St. Nick.

Dear Santa,

This year I'm hoping that a sustainable author career will be in my stocking hung in the living room as we don't have a fireplace in this house.

I'd wish a long and happy life for our new fur babies we welcomed into our home (and our hearts) this year.

I wish for a softer, gentler world for 2020. One where the news isn't filled with anger and violence and pain.

And, if you could, having a book (or series) optioned for a movie would be amazing.


Here's my letter. What's in yours?

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