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Book hoarding - It's real

Happy Sunday from snowy Greater St. Louis. We probably got 8-10 inches over the last week or so but the freezing temps are starting to subside. I don't worry as much about letting the dogs out for even a quick potty break. Keeshonds like the cold, but even Dexter had to be rescued when he got too far out in the backyard and couldn't get back up the hill because his feet were too cold.

I'm considering buying them booties. But then they'll stay out longer.

I've been dealing with the snow and ice and cold in my usual way. If I'm not working, I'm curled up with a book. And, because the four overflowing bookshelves in my house aren't enough books. I've already bought three books in February. Maybe four.

Today I'll be setting up marketing for next week, doing some edits, a little cleaning, and then curling up with one of the books I have waiting for me to 'make' time.

What's on your schedule for today?

Side note - If you're on Kindle Unlimited, both of the Kitchen Witch books are there for a short period of time. (Along with some Tourist Trap mysteries.) The audio cover is below.


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