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I love getting new covers from my publisher. Especially in the Tourist Trap series.

Why? Because in most of the covers, we introduce a new business and build a new building for South Cove.

Drunken Art Studio is on the same side of Main Street as City Hall. It's across the street from Jill's Coffee, Books, and More shop. And, it's now, part of the small town. At least in my head.

What's your favorite Tourist Trap cover?

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I feel like a student who has just been given a very difficult term paper to write; pick a favorite cover?? Wow! Is that even possible? The newest with the Drunken Paint Studio is delightful; I have no talent but would love to visit--perhaps the wine would bring out my inner masterpiece. Could be a favorite. But I like Killer Party although I'd rather have been there at the start of the party instead of the finish. Then there is the adorable Tea Cup cover, who wouldn't want to drop by? Killer Run was appealing to our family because we (well actually, no me but the rest of the family) participated in a lot of walk/runs and a few …

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