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Happy Fat Tuesday

Although this might sound like a religious post, I'm hoping you'll forgive me my mental wanderings. I'm not promoting one religion or one God over another. I'm just talking about my experiences.

I've been someone who practiced Lent since I started attending the Methodist Church when my child was in middle school. I liked the routine of it. I liked that unlike a lot of religious beliefs, it gave me a structure. I was part of something when I participated. Something bigger than just me or my church. I think I was missing the point.

In my opinion, Lent is less of a group participation sport and more of an individual struggle between you and your God. When I read American Gods (Gaiman), I realized I'd been thinking about this the wrong way. If I go on an internet fast. Or a food fast. Or any kind of fasts for Lent, I'm sacrificing what I want for a greater good. If you look at it from a religious practice, I should be (dangerous terms for someone as literal as me) seeing what I'm putting between me and my relationship with God. My god, your god, any being that brings out the best nature in all of us.

Some people add things to their lives during the lent period. Like working at a soup kitchen or volunteering for whatever social cause hits home for you. I like this practice too.

I'm rethinking my practice this year and looking at what's holding me back from being the best Lynn I can be. My weight is always first on my mind. So is my health. So giving up sweets for the next 40 days and then hopefully not falling into a vat of chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies when I can break the fast.

Tuesday I'll be clearing out the easy to access sweets that tempt me. Like vanilla ice cream which is in my freezer. And moving the chocolate baking chips from being easy to access and in my face every time I open the cabinet door. We'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck,



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