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Murder 101 arrives

Last Tuesday, the second novella for the Kitchen Witch series, Murder 101 arrived and what fun we had with the reunion set story. Magic Springs is Mia Malone's new home and the building she'd renovating used to be a private school. When she gets a call to host the every ten year reunion, she's hesitant, until the chairman tells her what they're willing to pay to get back into the school.

Mia's signed up for more than what she bargained for with this reunion. Fighting spouses, a want-a-be witch coven, and even her lawyer mother is planning on attending. And Grans has decided to hide in her bedroom until everyone leaves.

If you haven't read the new novella, be sure to check it out on your favorite vendor. It will also be in audio, but it's not up yet...





Happy Tuesday,



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