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Our too smart for his own good dog.

Dexter and Quinn both have amazing personalities, but Dexter is getting too smart for us. The Cowboy made biscuits and gravy for breakfast this morning. Then when we were upstairs, I heard him jumping in the kitchen.

I knew it was him jumping because Quinn was sleeping on the stairs. Or maybe she was blocking the humans from coming down the stairs before Dexter could finish his misdeeds.

And yes, he had a biscuit that he didn't share with his sister.

They do that a lot. Cover for each other. You can tell they're brother and sister. And they're both a team against the humans. Unless they want something the other has. Then it's every dog for him or herself.

On our trip, we fed them chicken nuggets during the car trip. That was a mistake.

One, it didn't settle with Dexter's stomach. And two, they didn't want French fries anymore, just more nuggets.

But on the whole, they both travel really well. We went to Kansas (five hours away) to pick them up the first time. Then, less than a month later, we were in Tennessee for a trip. Since that time, they've gotten better and better as travelers. They're even getting the hang of having a 'new' home for a week when we rent a place. Hotels are still an issue though. And why any hotel puts a dog friendly room on the second floor is a mystery to me.

Do you travel with your pet? Hints?


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