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Release day for an author

Today, MURDER IN WAITING, my 11th Tourist Trap mystery released. With this book out in the world, I currently have 28 cozy mysteries available for sale - two anthologies - and 15 romance novels under Lynn Collins. That's 45 projects out in the world. Not counting my pre-orders or contracted (unwritten) books.

So what's a release day look like?? I got up this morning and checked my stats. 10K on Kindle. Not bad. Then I did household finance things, got some bills paid, and did the morning mini crossword. It's fun and since they keep it simple, I feel smart. :) Thanks NYT!

Next step, work at the day job at home. Love this except it's harder to separate my work lives. And once I'm done with 8 hours at the computer at home, I really don't want to sit and be creative. Sometime during this period husband goes to store. I have jelly beans again.

Ate leftover Chinese food at my desk.

Then I took my official lunch time and did a chat with my publisher. Lots of back and forth this time. Yay! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to no one. A lone voice in the wilderness. Not today.

Checked my numbers again - dropped to 6000. Woot!

Finished my work day. Ran to the post office to put one of our envelopes in the drop box to make sure it gets to TN in five days. Still haven't written.

Back home. Dogs let me come inside. Dexter likes to lock us out, but we changed the locks so I have a key to both regular lock and deadbolt. Win for the humans.

Did a lot of social media stuff. Wrote a group blog for Killer Characters for Thursday. Posted in several FB groups. Dogs barking told me it was dinner time for them. Fed dogs - put my dinner in oven.

Back to computer - watched author interview on Why We Swim. Want to order book but I still haven't written and I'm going to be away from home this weekend. I'll order next week. Bookbub new release email arrives and I check numbers 2600 on Kindle. Bestseller banner on Post that in another group. MURDER IN WAITING is #2 in cozy mystery on Kobo. See another author's Kitchen Witch series. Check out sales.

Buzzer goes off. Still haven't written. 7pm. Switch out laundry. Last load in the washer. That's a win on it's own. Check email. Finish author chat. Let it run and realize I didn't hear the last of it as I was checking out other authors. Ran the last few minutes again.

Dinner done. Back on computer. Need to write this blog and do release newsletter which should have gone out this morning. Still haven't written.

No champagne. No dinner out. But still time to celebrate the little wins like a BN banner. And #2 on Kobo. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to write a newsletter. As soon as I check Kindle numbers again.



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