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Sunday morning food

I just finished the last of the biscuits and gravy we made for dinner last night. We don't do this very easy, but it's comfort food to the max. When I make it, I follow my mom's recipe and add chopped onions to the country sausage while the meat, browns.

The cowboy doesn't add onions. So it's just the country sausage, a flour roux, and milk. Then we serve it over refrigerator biscuits. Still so good.

My mom made a lot of 'county' food, even though we lived in Idaho. South Dakota raised, she grew up on a large farm (it was leased from the nearby Indian tribe.) She was one of many kids. I used to freak out when we visited since Mom always told the story how Grandma had babies that didn't live that were buried in the yard. My mom was a twin but she was the only one who lived. She was also the last of the brothers/sisters to pass away. She was a fighter in many ways.

But mostly, she was an amazing cook. She could make dinner out of nothing. And as we weren't rich, sometimes she needed to.

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