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This magic moment...

I started thinking about perfect moments this week. The ones that take your breath away. I can name several in my life that have stayed with me. A lot are surrounded by water. My first was visiting a cove in McCall on the lake. We were there to see a house that one of our friends had help build, but the cove, the lake, and the dock pulled at me in a way nothing else at the time had. The pine trees surrounded the narrow cove and all you could see was lake when you looked past the edges. Magic.

I feel that same magic when I visit the coast. Oregon, California,

Texas, North Carolina, it doesn't matter. The large amount of water pulls to me. Makes me happy in a primal way. Life's problems don't seem as unsolvable when you're barefoot and walking on the beach. This is my happy place.

I live by the Mississippi. My Cowboy and I just bought land near (not on) the second oldest river in the world, the French Broad in Tennessee. And, we'll be a short day's drive away from the coast when we finally build and move. The thought makes me happy.

Now, walking the track on top of a cruise ship at night, that didn't center me. It didn't make me feel free. Well, it a way it did and that terrified me. I thought I was going to fall off, even in the middle of the lanes. I needed the hand rail to hold on too. There wasn't a beach to hold me to the earth. I've had the same feeling laying on the ground, looking up at the sky. I guess my grasp on gravity and atoms and natural laws has been challenged over the years.

So what's your magic moment?

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