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The Cowboy and I went to Eastern Tennessee last month. I hadn't seen the property we bought a few months ago yet so we needed to get me on the ground so we can dream together on what the final house/area will finally look like. Right now it's all dirt and trees. We're going to have to have the lot graded, a septic and well put in and then have the house and buildings put on the land. But that's all overwhelming right now.

So, like writing a book, it was time to set up a schedule. What needs done first? We talked to the septic guy in the area and he told us we needed to get a PERK test done for the property. Which you have to declare what size of house you're going to build. So yes, decisions had to be made. It took us a while, but we now have a shared vision of what the house/area will look like. With both of us having input on what we want in our next home.

We've taken the next step and laid out money for a 'permit' or Perk test for the septic. After that, we'll need to put the septic in and then a well. And somewhere in there, talk to the builder. Our breaking ground estimate date is next June. We'll see.

Me, I've got next year's writing schedule planned out. I've had to put some projects on hold, but I've made room for a new Cat Latimer book in the 2021 writing schedule so I can do a release in 2022. I'm working on planning for the future yet I've got to make sure the day to day work gets done so I can reach those goals.

What are you planning for 2021? (besides just getting out of 2020 - LOL)

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Sounds like 2021 will be a busy year for you. We have a house in the North Georgia mountains and absolutely love it! Love your books and usually pre-order when possible.

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Sometime in 2021, or perhaps 2022, I should be moving to start a cat sanctuary with a dear friend. I'm wildly excited about this, having been an advocate for cats for years now!

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Plan on moving to a better apartment in 2021.

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