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I'm on a no-travel, no-event month. July usually has a few trips in there for me and there's a few conferences I wanted to attend, but I decided to take a Lynn month.

We spent the 4th with friends and family and a few strays down at the cabin. Quinn and Dexter got to play in the water at the spillway for the dam. We had fireworks. And a few adult beverages.

Last week I compressed my work week so I could finish a proposal for a secret project. I'm so in love with this story already. I hope my agent feels the same way. It's a stretch for me. One that I was scared of taking for a long time. Finally, I knew I had to get it done and out there for my own well being.

I've got a short, staycation scheduled for next week. I'll still be playing around on social media and writing words since I have a book due end of month (Tourist Trap #12) but I've got a stack of books to read and a lot of things planned to get done.

Finally, I'm planning for a quick sneak away from work one Friday so I can go visit the new Paul Gauguin exhibit at the museum. A man with a challenging life in a world of #metoo, but I'm interested in the art he created.

That's my July, what do you have planned?

Oh, and don't worry, I'll be back on the road in August. Suffolk Mystery Festival August 10th and Romance Rendezvous Book Blast (as Lynn Collins) in Cedar Falls Iowa August 24th. I hope you can make it to one of these or the other events I still have coming up in 2019.

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