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Fighting to come up for air

Kind of figuratively and literally. I got sick a week ago Friday. I know when I'm coming down with something. I get grumpy, things make me cry, and all I want to eat is sugar. Well, typically, it passes with a good night's sleep. This time, not so much. It put me down and out for over a week and sent me scurrying to the doctor's office for drugs.

But, I've also received three new 'projects' I've been expecting but hoped to be farther on the current WIP's that I have on my desk to finish before my trip to Alabama.

So I'm in the weeds. Good news is I'm feeling somewhat better and hope to be cough free before I go meet and greet my Alabama fans. And I've gotten one of the pesky projects off my desk and am back making progress on the others.

As one of my friends quotes me, "It will be fine." And it will, but I'm feeling the strain.

What's your best kick the cold to the curb cure?

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