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Summer winding down

Can you believe it's the end of July? Soon school will be in session, and fall will be on its way.

Back home, school didn't start until after the State Fair. Most kids had projects or animals or both showing in the 4H booths and barns. Which made going to the fair one of the last bursts of summer. At least for me.

I loved everything about our fair. First, it was in Boise which to me, seemed like a huge city. I remember being so excited as we walked toward the ticket gates. Then the first thing I wanted was a corn dog. They made them fresh so when they handed it over, swathed in mustard, it was too hot to eat. So I always burnt my mouth. But it was so worth it.

I loved walking through the buildings. Some of the exhibits were for companies selling their services and products. Others were candy and trinkets. And then there were the craft contests. I love quilts. I've made several small hangings or patchwork throws, but never a real quilt. Someday....

Then the carnival rides. I'm a tiltawhirl girl. And I like the haunted house ride. The lights, the cotton candy, the laughter...It's all part of the experience.

Do you like to attend fairs? What's your favorite part?

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