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February musings

I've started writing the next book in the Farm to Fork series. I love visiting home with Angie and Felicia. With the carnival and the state fair going on, you know there's going to be excitement. But when you mix in a Top Chef style restaurant wars competition, the kitchens are hotter than the late August Idaho summer sun.

I'm working with my agent on a couple of changes in my writing career. Hold on for more information, I'll share as soon as the ink's dry. But just between the two of us? I'm so excited.

We headed out to the cabin for a winter weekend. It was cold!!! But it gave me a great excuse to sit inside and read this weekend. Looking on the sunny side of life...

If you're ready for spring, make sure you check out my latest release in the Tourist Trap series. Corned Beef and Casualties is available now in digital and audio. For you print lovers, there will be a collection coming up next year for all the novellas. Stay tuned for more information.

Stay warm...


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