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Consistency... it's what matters

So, I'm back on the health train. Working out more often, eating healthy, adding fruits and veggies, and limiting sugar. Why?

I have several health conditions that could be better at a healthy weight. I've had three doctors and a husband tell me that my inactivity might be hampering my health. (The husband did it in a nice way, which kept him from being in the dog house.)

So I'm taking it one day and one meal at a time. This was a travel weekend for me. So I wasn't totally in charge of what was set in front of me for meals. But I could control my portions and limit my sugar. I didn't succeed as well as I'd wanted, but I had some victories.

And more importantly, I got on the treadmill every day this weekend for a workout.

Getting in shape is like writing a book. It's the little choices you make every day that makes a difference. At least for me. I know some writers binge write - sit and write for hours upon hours, especially at deadline. That's their process, not mine.

I like a more leasurely path. If I write every day, I keep the story growing in my head and don't have to go without sleep for a week to get the book done.

I'm thinking my road back to health will be this slower path too.

What about you? Are you waiting for the new year to change some habits? What little thing can you do today, and tomorrow, to make a better future?

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