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The other part of a writer's life...

I'm a planner. I celebrate my birthday for the entire month. And I tend to do the same thing for my book birthdays, or release days. March was no exception. Fatality by Firelight released February 28th and I did my last March event (an online book club) on Tuesday.

It's been a busy month with library events and a trip to Scottsdale and Tucson. I've had an amazing time with readers including one Missouri couple who were visiting and came to see me at the Arizona signing. I also got to visit with my niece and her lovely girls.

But now, I'm back home and have a book due the end of April. I also have two April weekend trips, one to SOKY (Bowling Green) and the other to Milwaukee for the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciate Weekend. (Check out my upcoming events for more information.)

Until then, I'll be writing book one (Who Stole My Goat Cheese) in my new Farm-to-Fork series. I'm loving going back (at least in my mind) to southwestern Idaho and creating fun new places for my chef/amateur sleuth to hang out. And of course, there's the food...

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