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Hospitality and Homicide

Book 8 of the Tourist Trap series is releasing Tuesday, May 16. I love the little town of South Cove and it's quirky characters. I can't believe we're on book 8 with book 9 coming up in a couple of months.

A series grows along with the stories. I have a map of South Cove in my head. I know if Jill wants to go to the gym, she turns left when she leaves Coffee, Books, and More. More often than not, she turns right, toward home. Or the police station to visit Greg. Or her BFF Amy. Or to stop at Diamond Lille's for a bite to eat. Or to go walk on the beach.

As part of the release of Hospitality and Homicide, I was asked to write a side story that was included in the Kobo edition. This Bonus story will be exclusive to Kobo for a period of time.

Esmeralda is the star of this little vignette that tells us more about her life as a fortune teller. And how she found herself in South Cove. She's a lot more front and center in this book than she has been, so knowing a little more about her has been interesting.

Enjoy your trip back to South Cove. I know I enjoyed touching base with Jill and the gang when I wrote the book.


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